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Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfecting
When we use water to drink, wash and cook, it is essential then that we store it in a clean and healthy environment. Irregular cleaning and disinfecting of tanks could lead to the growth of harmful bacteria that are the cause of several diseases
Kitchen Hoods & Extraction Ducts Cleaning
Whether you need a general assessment, hood cleaning, or a complete kitchen exhaust cleaning, TKS Cleaning Services has the experienced staff to do the clean the right way, the first time and to ensure compliance. 
A/C Duct (HVAC System FCU, AHU, FAHU) Cleaning and Sanitizing
HVAC Cleaning Dubai / Air Duct Cleaning in Dubai / AC Duct Cleaning in dubai & Disinfection is very important in our daily lives. the question of indoor air quality is of paramount importance to our health.

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